Bonus Shopping and Getting the Most Bang for your Buck$

bonus shopping

When you start receiving 20 emails for the same offer around 9 am, you know a product has just been launched.

The affiliates are out to the race to get you cookied ASAP so they can get the commission if you decide to buy the latest, never-seen-before wonder of the universe.

Following up from my last blog post at: the first question you should ask is: “Do I really need it now?” You do? OK, let’s go shopping!

BEFORE you click on any of the links in your emails promoting the offer, go to and find the product being promoted.

Click on the link and then on the link beside JV Page, like this:

On this page you will get more information about the product and the sales funnels. Like how many “OTOs” will you be offered.

I like to do this first so I can decide in advance what offers I will get and which ones I will scroll down directly at the bottom of the page to click on the “No, thanks I don’t want bla, bla, bla.”

Now, go back to your emails and check for any vendor that has done a review and a demo of the product like this one:

I am always looking for those vendors as I get way more out of my purchases and I get extra bonuses that will be useful later on instead of gathering dust on my hard drive.

Now let’s talk about bonuses.

Some vendors just offer PLR (private label rights) products that are not related in any way to the offer and are pure junks.

So, make sure the bonuses offered are relevant and will help you get more out of your product.

BEWARE: When you receive an email about a product and the sender tells you “This is our BIGGEST bonus package we ever put together” WATCH OUT, that means the product is expensive and the funnel will probably be over the $500 mark if you were to buy all the OTOs after the front end offer.


It’s always fun to get bonuses that you can combine with your purchase to get better results faster so remember those steps BEFORE clicking on any links the next time you are getting an avalanche of emails at 9 am!

Happy Bonus Shopping!

Nat Lafleur

Author: Nat Lafleur

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