5 Simple Tips To Build Your Quality Opt-In Email List

Becoming an affiliate marketer or starting your online business, you have to not only work hard but also fight with the market competition from all sides of the corner. There are so many aspects of Internet Marketing. Here I would share 5 simple tips to build your quality Opt-in email list which will boost your online business without any additional cost.

Mind It! Internet Marketing Gurus suggest that Your Money Is In Your List“.

This email list might be your own or you can buy it from third parties. There are so many companies out there offering you buy them email list but I would strongly suggest to build your own list that will take some time but save you money as well as develop the long term relationship with your own customers. These would be those customers who have willingly signed up your squeeze page and white listed your email address so chances are rare your e-mail lands in their spam folder.

Here are 5 simple tips to build your quality opt-in email list…

Email Signature

One of the easiest ways to build your list is your e-mail signature. Yeah… wondered…? This is one of the easiest tips to build your list. In every email service provider (Google, Yahoo or MSN) there is an option of signature where you can either paste your link or a click-able image of your site. When you start your online business or become an affiliate marketer with your own squeeze page offering some kind of free valuable gift. Do tell your friends and write a short note to pass this mail to their friends list for free gift. This method could add hundreds of prospects to your list within a week or two.

Participating in Discussion Forums

There is another good and simple technique is to actively participate in Internet Marketing Discussion Forums. There are many good Discussion Forums available to post your threads and replies. Choose threads of your own interest and participate by posting good and valuable replies to make your credibility among the forum peers. Once your valuable replies are noticed by many of the peers, they will definitely click your signature link and add-up your list.

Contributing In Giveaway Events

Participating and Contributing in Giveaway Events is another major factor to increase your opt-in list. In this regard, JV Giveaways is the most authentic, reliable and viewed platform to contribute in. When you contribute for a free giveaway (it could be an e-book or a software), visitors who want to have that free giveaway are directed to your website and then they fill-up your opt-in form to receive their free gift and get enlisted your email list. Applying this tip will add tons of prospects into your email list.

Article Writing

The most important and highly verified tip for building your list is writing and submitting your articles on your desired topic of expertise to popular article directories where e-Zine publishers and readers are looking for the information you provide. While writing your article, you should be very open for sharing true and valuable information to your readers to build your credibility among them. When you submit an article, there is a resource box (also called bio-box) to describe about yourself and your business with its URL. When a reader clicks to your URL in your resource box, he finds your website having opt-in form and here your list gets started to build.

Ad Swapping

Here is another very simple and easy to implement technique to build your opt-in list with in no time. This simple list building technique can be summed up in two words i.e. Ad Swap. Most internet marketers are trading advertisements with other Ezine publishers. In this scenario you broadcast the Ezine publisher’s advertisement to your mailing list while the Ezine publisher endorses your ad to his mailing list. In other words, you are actually cross endorsing or cross promoting each others offer to each of your mailing lists.

The above simple tips help you build your opt-in email list with your little effort and in return you add a ton of prospects in your list but the most important thing to convert these prospects into customers is to provide them quality and valuable material and information so that your confidence should be built and your this email list becomes your ATM machine, as I said earlier that Your Money Is In Your List“.

Author: Luther Cox

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