AI Email Marketing Automation with ChatGPT📧

AI Email Marketing Automation with ChatGPT📧

AutoMAIL GPT: Create a Fully Autonomous AI Newsletter Service with ChatGPT-4

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I created a Python script that harnesses the power of ChatGPT-4 and Azure Cloud to autonomously create and send newsletters.

From Google search, to AI summarization, to e-mail dispatch, see how we’ve eliminated human intervention. Don’t miss the detailed flowchart breakdown. Click now for a glimpse into the future of AI and automation!” 🔥

00:00 AutoMAIL ChatGPT-4 Autonomous AI Newsletter
00:13 AutoMAIL GPT Flowchar
01:14 Live Demos AutoMAIL GPT
04:40 AutoMAIL Prompts / Images

Author: Nat Lafleur

Internet Marketer for 16 years, I am passionate about all aspects of promoting online and local businesses. From Video marketing to search engine optimization, email marketing, list building, and much more, I can help you shine online. Contact me today.

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