5 Things You Can Do With IM Checklists From Kevin Fahey

Hey everybody, Marty Bostik here with a quick video for you that I think you’re going to enjoy.

I wanted to talk to you about five, five things you can do with a checklist and there’s actually more that you could do with it. But I wanted to give you an example.

And the reason I’m going to do this is yesterday I had sent out an email about Kevin Fahey. I am checklist, his gold membership, the collection of all of his checklist that is just a phenomenal resource. I, I can’t say enough about it because I’m actually already using it in some of my training materials and some of my upcoming, training videos in my membership site.

But what I wanted to show you was just, you know, a handful of things that you could do with a single checklist. And this is just one little checklist that you get access to out of all these different volumes.

So volume 26 was around lead sources. And what I thought I would do is look through the various checklist to see which ones would make a good training, a piece of training content. And I actually found quite a few, but the one that I went with is answering questions online. And what I did is I made a video out of it. I made an MP three audio out of it. I made a blog post out of it. I’m going to make an email out of it. Let’s see, what else did I do with it I actually did something else with it.

I can’t even remember now. I made a PDF out of it. Just a variety of things could be done. I thought about even doing a PowerPoint slide deck out of it, but that may be overkill at this point. The reason for doing this was to show you how to take one of these checklists and use it. So if you bought one of these, if you bought a membership for this, this thing already, that’s great. Hopefully this will help you a little bit.

He’s already got some training videos in there, but I wanted to show you how to use a resource like this and once you get it. And so many times I see people buying tools, they buy software and they don’t really know what to do with what they’ve got. And I got it for the, for a couple of purposes, one for helping me with my own content marketing and to be able to, to do things on a scale of stuff that’s already built, to be able to do things on a scale that I couldn’t reach before.

And so for my own productivity plus being able to use it in my creations and having the rights to give it away, sell it, rebrand it, change it up, that’s awesome because that, that, that opens a whole new playing field up for me to work from. And the same can can be done for you. So let’s talk about it.

Let’s talk about what’s inside here inside of this one checklist. So there’s each, each of his checklist volumes have multiple checklists and they’re in this progressive order of how you would, you would do things within each one. So the first checklist is talking about getting more leads from your blog, getting more leads from social media, organic search and so on. And it’s all around lead sources. So what I wanted to do in this example show you just a good size handful of things you could do from one piece of content.

Now here’s the checklist. Here’s what it actually looks like is checklist number 14, answering questions online. And I thought this one was appropriate because it’s something I do. I do get into discussion forums, I get on Cora, get on a number of sources and I answer questions for people and I thought this would be a really good relevant piece of content. So I literally took this particular checklist.

I went ahead and rather than rebranding it and going to the trouble of putting all the new logo and stuff on it, I went ahead and put a footer link in here where somebody could go buy this checklist membership system. And that’s all done within a checklist that I, I’m going to give away. So everything’s broken down into 18 points in here was talking about mentioning links that are relevant and it talks about that within the first six points.

And then it talks about making comments. So then it’s got 0.7 through 11 over there. It talks about that. And then how do you use images when you’re answering questions and then you know, making sure you’re riding with, with style in what you’re doing. And by the time you’re done you’ve got this, this 18-point checklist of stuff that’s actionable all from this one volume.

And I want to show you real quickly what this has morphed into. So this is really cool. So there’s the editable word version of the checklist. I have also created, where’d I put it Lets see. So many browser windows. I can’t find everything over here. There it is. Alright, so here’s a PDF version of the checklist. Okay, so you could go do this on a document sharing site. Maybe you’re bundling this thing with something else, but you could include it there.

I’m actually going to include it in, in this, this email that you’re seeing the video embedded in here. if you are seeing this video elsewhere, that’s fine. You can, you can get back to here but, but there’ll be a link to it where you can get to these resources. You’ll get to the PDF version of this.

I’m going to give you the editable version of that checklist, which I’m allowed to do. I’m going to give you an MP3 version. I’m going to give you an MP 4 video file and I’m going to show you the blog post that I created all from this one stinking checklist. Man, just one that’s, that’s really super cool. So let’s go ahead and minimize this. Let’s take a look first at the video. So I used content samurai to create a video that is all of these, these bullet points.

Okay. The only thing I embellished here was like mentioning links that are relevant, these, these topic changes. All I did was embellished that just a little bit more inside of that discussion point there. So let me show you what the video looks like. I’ll let it play for a few seconds. Sites is not easy, but your website can become very successful in your leads can grow. If you go to sites like quora.com and answer people’s questions there in the end, provide the link of your website so they can visit it.

Answering questions online is a great technique to outgrow your site and persuade people to get to your original site. This is how you can do it. Mentioned links number one. First start my writing a brief answer to the question number two. Then to make the answer more detailed and clear, you can add relevant links in the answer. Number three. Number three, for this you have to choose relevant questions to your brand. So you get the idea. I used content samurai, which is a video creation, too old that I’ll also include a link for you guys, for the 14-day trial if you want to. But all I did was take the script for this video.

Alexa, hang up. Sorry guys. All I did was take the script copy from the checklist, paste it into content. Sam Ryan, it spit out a, a video for me and all, all I did from there was choose relevant video clips that are royalty free to throw inside of there. And even a little very subtle audio track in the background. So at the end of the day, I’ve got a two minute 42 second training video over here that I can use as a piece of content that came from the checklist. Okay, so that’s the video angle. I took that same video and I went out and I ripped the MP3 audio out of it.

So now I’ve also got driving traffic to websites is not easy. Like that same training video is now a training audio like quora.com and answer people’s questions there. So there’s another piece of content.

So then I created the PDF version of it that I showed you just a minute ago and also went over and created a blog post out of it. So I went and made a decent thumbnail, took the blog post. I changed up the title a little bit to say how to position yourself as an expert by answering questions online.

And look what I did. I took the checklist, this look familiar, took the checklist, changed it, the font, put a hyperlink in here, created one outbound link to core.com that I talked about and I just create bullets. I just go through here and take these topics. Then I take all the bullets and by the time I’m done, I’ve got a decent blog post with 18 points to it.

Check it out. I also, let’s see, where’s it at Oh cool. Alright. So I actually syndicated this out to the Steemit network or hive network now where you can actually get paid for your content. So I actually made 16 cents off of this blog post, got pushed out here and you can see the comment of, Hey Marty, have you checked community like block considering posting from there.

I think it’d be better if this kind of content gets posted in the communities. Good advice. I’ll go do it. But I’ve had three people upvote those piece of content and now I’ve actually made money on it. All that came out of the checklist. So you can make the social post out of this. You might be a little long, it may be longer than you’d want to do for a post.

If I create an email from this, this is a training email, I could turn right around and take the same blog post the way I’ve laid it out here.

Instead of it being in a checklist fashion, I can go create an email, put this exact content in there in the email and attach or give them a download link to the checklist that they can print out, maybe the PDF version.

And then I’ve got a really decent content pack piece of, of an email there that I can turn around and keep using over and over again. And all of it came from a single piece of content on reusing it. So hopefully this will give you some ideas. Did I cover five of them I think I did. So we’ve got a blog post, we’ve got a video, we’ve got an audio.

We got a PDF and we got an email that’s five of them. Okay. Alright. So that’s just five ways you could make, like I said, the PowerPoint slide. If you wanted to, any number of things that you want to put out there, you could take this and actually go write the blog post and syndicated or write it somewhere else.

If you wanted to, maybe turn around and take three or four of these, put them together or take one of them, give it away as a lead magnet and as a bonus on the inside of that, maybe give them a two or three of the other ones. And then on the upsell, go sell the whole checklist system.

I mean, there was my God, there’s any number of things you can do with it, but, but you get the idea, you understand what I’m doing here. You can make an infographic from this.

This would be a good candidate for that where you use pictures to illustrate it, do a mind map with it. So hopefully you get some ideas of what you could do with this. So when you see this product, don’t just think, Oh my God, checklists are boring.

What am I going to do with a checklist How is this going to help me? Well, you get some ideas on how that’s going to help you and what you can do with it. So I’ve got this infinite library now of things that I can combine and work with. Now if you guys want to pick up your own copy of it.

Kevin Fahey has it priced right now during this special launch. He’s actually got it where it’s a $3 trial and I’m going to show you the membership area real quick too.

So it’s $3 for the first five days, which you get access to everything that I’m going to show you here in just a moment. Okay And after that it builds at $17 and 95 cents a month. But what you’re going to get going on is, is any new checklists that he keeps adding, you’re going to get access to those.

The one offer that he’s got out there on the upsell side of this that I think is invaluable is complete access to all the prior volumes and some of his training courses. So what you get with this one is you get volumes 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 30. They’re all in rebranded formats where you can go through there and you can edit them in word format.

Well, here I’ll show you, let me just show you what it looks like. So volume 26 here inside of each of these, here’s the printable PDFs.

Here’s the editable word docs like you see right here where I can change any aspect of this and make it my own because you actually get the rights that are basically white label rights to these things at the time that you have that you get it.

My maps that lay out all the checklists and how they’re putting together a Google spreadsheet and then an Excel version of it. And then it kind of an interesting HTML interactive version. And then if you want to go through here and just pick one of these quick and dirty and print it as a PDF, you could open it right up and go print it out and you’re ready to go.

But each one of these are well thought out. There are some really good ideas and it’s an invaluable resource for you if you use it. Let me show you some of the other stuff you’re going to get.

So he’s also included some bonuses where his entire training course for the 20 K extras there and his commission five training course. And then he’s got a really, really good, I am new B Corp. So if you are a beginner and you’re just starting out online and you’re trying to learn how to make some money online, this is an excellent, excellent course for that.

So, so that’s all as a bonus right now that you get along with it and there’s a webinar coming up. He also gives you access to the vault, which is his prior trainings, which is a really, really good stuff. Some of his, his live webinars, I mean this, this is a treasure trove right here. So the gold membership comes with all that. I did a full review of it. Let me show you. So I did a full review.

Here’s the video. It goes about 20 minutes long. I talk about everything that’s included in it, but in a nutshell, you could go through here and find out what you’re going to get. Okay. So you’re going to get, those volumes are going to get the webinar replays all the way since 2018.

He did go through before he relaunched it this time and he removed anything that’s no longer valid and deprecated, which is great. So it’s only viable good content that’s in there. There’s a really slick PLR training course that’s in there too, that, that’s extremely helpful. So here’s the, the full access to the gold training vault. What I was just showing you here is all of his different trainings that are built into, into the membership platform and then the private label, right so most of the time you get private label rights.

You can’t make the content your own if it, if it’s just a standard resale, right you can’t transfer the rights. Okay. That’s something you can’t do. So you transfer the rights to, to be able to transfer rights to other people either as the master resell rights and it can’t be resold on JV zoo or warrior plus. But what you can do is include this stuff. You can rebrand it, you can give it away, you can put it in your own video training courses.

You could put it in a membership site. You can even translate it into other languages, which hit me up. If you want to know how to do that, I’ve got tools to do that too. You can be, you can say that you’re the complete author of it. You can use it to build your email list. That’s kind of what I was talking about in the individual sheets where you send one of these out as a training email and you know, the, the list goes on can be used as blog posts or infographics.

What I was just talking about a minute ago, I made a blog post from one of the sheets and you know, it can, it can be rebranded resold. You just can’t put it on JVs or warrior plus no big deal. And then you know, you can add it as a bonus too, to a product if you want to. So here is the price breakdown and you’ll see all this if you go look at the full review video too, but just to give you the skinny on it is three bucks.

Get in there, you get access to all the stuff I just showed you for three bucks. If you like it, great. Go ahead and pay the 1795 a month. You get all his future. I am checklists that that go as long as you keep your membership going, you could go ahead and pay once to get 460 checklists bundles with the PLR rights.

Just like what I showed you a minute ago for one 97, which is a steal. I mean this, this stuff is, is prime premium content. So the I am VIP training is really good training where you actually get some one on one training, you get to ask some questions of him and Kevin will respond and, and work with you on a one on one basis as well as part of that.

The 10 X traffic, I can’t really speak to that because I don’t know much about it other than it’s a down sale that’s available for you. But if you, if you picked up a copy today at a minimum, get the front end product. If you like the checklist, I would say before your five days is up. If you like it, come back and pick up the whole bundle right here. Okay. You could do that if you want to after you bought the front end product.

So in addition to that, I’m going to let you see this on the review page, but you’ll see the bonuses I’ve paired up with the specific volumes that you’re going to get inside of here. So I just, I wanted to call attention to that.

I’ll let you guys go through there and go through the whole review if you want, but pick up your copy wherever you see this orange and red button that’s right here and inside underneath this video I’m going to give you links. It’s going to be some reference links to that MP3 I was telling you about the video that I created from it, a link to the blog post so you can take a look at it and you know some of the other stuff that I’m doing, the PDF version, I’ll even give you the editable version of this since I have rights to do that.

I’ll give you that editable word version and you can get in there and change it up and play with it if you want to and see if it’s something that you like. But you guys go ahead and pick up your copy, hopefully get some really good ideas of how you can use it.

And I will be glad to answer any questions you got. You can reply back to here. Leave me a comment. If you’re looking at this video on YouTube or Facebook or wherever, and I will respond back to you. So you guys take care, have a fantastic day. I’ll see you at the top.

Author: Nat Lafleur

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